We create + produce lasting stories for ALL humans + ALL screens…

Story: Rutherford College Mahi-ā-Toi Academy students in SPORT NZ SERIES

Long + Short was created by A group of experienced filmmakers who have worked in entertainment, advertising, film and television.

Our Special Sauce: Market + Audience insight injected in every project.

With Producers, ScriptwRiters, Strategists, Filmmakers and Marketing creatives sitting around the table, we’re ready to move any project forward.

This is what we do…

From original projects + creative partnerships, to consulting and servicing international productions, we get it done.


  • Concept Development
  • Narrative Planning
  • Script Writing


  • Concept + Pitch Development
  • Campaign + Experience Design
  • Licensing + Merchandising
  • PR + Comms


  • Pre-production: Budgeting, financing, scheduling, resourcing, talent development, casting.
  • Production: Production management, fixer, location scouting, directing, shooting.
  • Post-production: Editing, sound post, VFX, delivery.
Story: Eva Green as Lydia Wells in The Luminaries

When we deliver your project, we deliver your audience too.

Plus+ is a model of narrative extension that stretches stories and ideas into properties with lasting value by building on audience centric insight, strategic application and creative platforms that are leveraged across touchpoints from conception.

Welcome to Windy Welly, New Zealand…

We’re based in New Zealand’s coolest little capital city, + home to our film + television industry, Wellington.